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However cautions we try to be, occasional slip-ups, oversight or memory lapses confirms that we are humans.  You might lose a key, forget your lock combination or end up locking your keys in the car. Don’t worry. You are not the only one. We receive numerous calls daily from customers who have accidently locked keys in the car and need professional help. If you are a victim of your own carelessness, give Locksmith Solution Services a call and say goodbye to your woes. 

Make the right choice:

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You have three choices in case you have locked keys in the car: Break a window to enter your car, call your car dealer for spare keys or rely on a professional locksmith agency. The first choice is not a wise decision as it may cause damage to you, your vehicle and demand extensive repairs. The second option is both costly and time-consuming as you will find yourself waiting endlessly for your car dealer to give you a new set of keys. If you need a reliable, quick and economical solution, look no further than Locksmith Solution Services. Our experts will reach you within half an hour to resolve all your problems, without ever burning a hole in your pocket.

Retrieval versus new key creation

The prime priority of an auto locksmith at Locksmith Solution Services would be to unlock the car, without damaging the lock or the car. The process makes it convenient for him to enter the car to retrieve the key and take care of any minor damages to the lock. This saves a lot of precious time and money as opposed to creating a new set of keys.

To take advantage of your helplessness, most locksmiths will not even suggest this method to gain entry into the car, or might not be efficient enough to open the car in a non-destructive manner. Because of our honesty, timely service, and efficient solutions, the people of Memphis, TN trusts us the most. 

Get new keys made on-the-spot

Modern cars have complex locks that don’t give away easily despite numerous efforts. The last resort during such situations is to get a duplicate made. Locksmith Solution Services ensures that the process is not harrowing by providing onsite key creation services.  Using hi-tech tools, our experienced and skillful locksmiths can make a new set of keys expeditiously.

Stop worrying in case you’ve locked keys in the car! Call a Locksmith Solution Services technician now.